Everyday Ritual is a lounge and sleepwear collection born of a need to find that scrumptious something that is missing in the marketplace today. Something for us and something for women like us who are busy juggling life; work from home or office; being a girlfriend, wife, mother, daughter, friend, and simply just being a woman; holding it down at home and in the world; wanting to feel pretty, sexy, beautiful and confident for myself; needing to be comfortable and taking moments wherever I can while allowing myself a few moments to simply relax.…

The Everyday Ritual collection was developed by longtime friends and colleagues Rana Farshoukh and Adrienne Gordon with many years of experience in the contemporary industry between them, and a deep knowledge of fashion, quality, fit and the marketplace. The collection is as sophisticated and multifaceted as the women who wear it. Made in cottons, silks, blends and satin, the collection is luxurious yet practical, washable, breathable, comfortable and beautiful. The garments and the women who wear them feel great and look fabulous.


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